Theatre History

The Boutique Twelfth Night Theatre is located in the leafy inner Brisbane suburb of Bowen Hills.


Address: 4 Cintra Road, Bowen Hills,  Qld  4006

(5 minutes from the city centre)


Itís seating capacity is 520 and it is popularly known as the theatre


 Where every seat is a good seat  


 Where every show is the best


Since 1988, Twelfth Night Theatre is owned by Gail Wiltshire.  It has the distinction of being the only privately owned theatre in Australia.  Neither the theatre nor its productions receive any form of Government subsidy.


It was built by the community in 1969.   Twelfth Night Theatre stands on land donated by Majorie and Brian Johnstone.  In 1980, the Queensland Government of the time sold the theatre into private ownership and it is because of the support of the people of Brisbane that it stands today; a gracious and welcoming theatre presenting popular productions, some of which are listed on the 'Best of British Comedy' page.


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